Why to Choose MicroModal Fabric: A Game Changer for Comfort and Sustainability

In the ever-evolving world of textiles, MicroModal fabric has emerged as a frontrunner, particularly in the realm of comfortable and sustainable clothing. This innovative fabric is revolutionizing the way we think about underwear and everyday basics, offering unparalleled benefits that cater to both comfort and environmental consciousness. At Beech Undies, we are proud to incorporate MicroModal into our product lineup, including kids' tank tops, boxer briefs, and undershirts. Let’s delve into why MicroModal fabric is such a game changer.

Why to Choose MicroModal Fabric

Unmatched Comfort

One of the most compelling reasons to choose MicroModal fabric is its extraordinary softness. Derived from beech tree pulp, MicroModal fibers are incredibly fine and smooth, which translates to a silky feel against the skin. This softness is often compared to that of silk, making it an excellent choice for garments worn close to the body, such as underwear and undershirts. For Beech Undies’ products, this means our customers experience a level of comfort that is hard to match.

MicroModal’s moisture-wicking properties further enhance its comfort. The fabric efficiently absorbs and evaporates moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day. This is particularly beneficial in the hot and humid climate of the UAE, where staying cool and dry is essential. Our Beech Undies boxer briefs and undershirts are designed to provide this breathable comfort, making them ideal for daily wear, workouts, or any activity where moisture control is crucial.

Sustainability at Its Core

Beyond comfort, MicroModal fabric stands out for its sustainability. The production process of MicroModal is environmentally friendly, utilizing renewable beech wood from sustainably managed forests. The beech trees are grown in a natural forest ecosystem, which requires no artificial irrigation or planting. This sustainable sourcing ensures that the raw material is not only renewable but also responsibly harvested.

The manufacturing process of MicroModal is also designed to minimize environmental impact. It employs a closed-loop system that recovers and reuses water and solvents, significantly reducing waste and emissions. This process is more eco-friendly compared to traditional textile manufacturing methods, aligning with Beech Undies’ commitment to sustainability.

Moreover, MicroModal fibers are biodegradable. When a garment made from MicroModal reaches the end of its lifecycle, it can break down naturally, returning to the earth without leaving a lasting footprint. This biodegradability is a significant advantage over synthetic fabrics, which can take hundreds of years to decompose.

Perfect for Every Day and Every Body

MicroModal’s unique blend of comfort and sustainability makes it an ideal fabric for a wide range of garments. At Beech Undies, we utilize MicroModal in our kids' tank tops, boxer briefs, and undershirts, ensuring that our products offer both exceptional comfort and environmental responsibility.

Kids' Tank Tops: Our Beech Kids Tank Top is crafted from a blend of MicroModal and premium long-staple cotton, making it incredibly soft and breathable. The extra-long design ensures the tank top stays in place throughout the day, providing continuous comfort for active children.

Boxer Briefs: Our Taweel 5" and Taweel 6" boxer briefs incorporate MicroModal for a snug, comfortable fit that moves with you. The natural breathability of the fabric keeps you cool and fresh, while the flat lock stitching minimizes irritation, making these boxer briefs perfect for all-day wear.

Undershirts: The Beech Undies Micromodal Undershirts offer unparalleled softness and moisture-wicking properties, making them an excellent foundation layer for any outfit. Whether you’re heading to the office or out for the evening, our undershirts keep you feeling comfortable and confident.


MicroModal fabric truly is a game changer in the textile industry, offering a unique combination of luxurious comfort and environmental sustainability. At Beech Undies, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible products, and incorporating MicroModal into our lineup helps us achieve this goal. Whether you’re looking for soft, breathable kids' tank tops, comfortable boxer briefs, or high-quality undershirts, our MicroModal-based products deliver on all fronts. Experience the difference with Beech Undies and enjoy the ultimate in comfort and sustainability.

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