About Us

There are two things a man should never have to compromise on in his life—comfort and quality. Here at Beech, we pride ourselves on generations of expertise in fabrics to provide you with super comfortable men’s underwear using luxurious fabrics, made from sustainable MicroModal and premium long staple cotton blends.

Modal on its own is a revolutionary new fabric known for its super soft fibers, moisture absorption and strength. We took it a step further by using MicroModal which is made from finer fibers making it even lighter and softer than Modal

Nature in Mind

Feel good with EU Ecolabel compliant MicroModal

Our U.A.E. based online store offers all men a new level of comfort that strays far away from the standard cotton and synthetic mixes that only get rougher with every wash. If your underwear drawer is full of fabric that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe, then it may be time to make the switch to experience a better fabric mix!

When you shop with Beech, you are shopping for natural materials that are ethically and responsibly sourced. For a true feeling of luxury from quality undergarments at affordable prices, come and check out our collection.

With us, you’ll find the best fit and style from natural fabrics that we know will feel just right for you.

We believe in good working and living conditions for all

This is not just business, it’s personal. We make sure that our partners provide their workers with a fair wage and a comfortable working environment. Being an ethical brand is one of our absolute core values.